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DAFX - Digital Audio Effects

Edited by Udo Zölzer
ISBN: 0-471-49078-4
John Wiley & Sons, 2002

Chapter 11

Time and Frequency Warping Musical Signals

Matlab for Chapter 11

G. Evangelista

In this chapter we describe interesting audio effects that can be obtained by deforming the time and/or the frequency axis. Time warping aims at deforming the waveform or the envelope of the signal while frequency warping modifies its spectral content, e.g., by transforming an harmonic signal into an inharmonic one or vice-versa. The effects obtained by warping often increase the richness of the signal by introducing detuning or fluctuation of the waveform. The chapter is divided into two main parts. First we describe the time and frequency warping operations and derive algorithms for computing these effects. In the second part we illustrate some of their musical applications based on examples and case studies. Applications are presented for pitch shifting inharmonic sounds, inharmonizer, extraction of excitation signals, morphing and classical effects.


Keywords: Time Warping, Frequency Warping, Signal Representations, Transforms, Fourier Transforms, Laguerre Transforms