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DAFX - Digital Audio Effects

Edited by Udo Zölzer
ISBN: 0-471-49078-4
John Wiley & Sons, 2002

Chapter 12

Control of Digital Audio Effects  

T. Todoroff

Control, in the broad meaning of the word, encompasses every possible method available to the user for accessing the various parameters of a digital audio effect. It embraces all traditional computer user interfaces, from command-line instructions typed on a computer keyboard to complex window-based GUIs controlled with the mouse. Control also includes specially designed musical interfaces, mainly MIDI triggering devices mimicking various aspects of traditional instruments and widely commercialized by the music industry: organ-like or piano-like keyboards, drum pads, string and wind instrument controllers, as well as common studio controllers like rotary potentiometers, faders and push-buttons. And if all this doesn't give enough possibilities, there is a whole range of more or less experimental devices that have been designed to fulfill more specific needs. They include the radio baton, electro magnetic and ultrasound localization systems, power gloves, complete virtual reality environments, video image analysis systems and just about every possible sensor. This chapter deals with the control of effect processors ranging from general control techniques to control based on sound features and gestural interfaces.


Keywords: Man-machine Interfaces, User Interfaces, Computer Interfaces