Automatic Control of the Dynamic Range Compressor Using a Regression Model and a Reference Sound

Di Sheng; György Fazekas
DAFx-2017 - Edinburgh
Practical experience with audio effects as well as knowledge of their parameters and how they change the sound is crucial when controlling digital audio effects. This often presents barriers for musicians and casual users in the application of effects. These users are more accustomed to describing the desired sound verbally or using examples, rather than understanding and configuring low-level signal processing parameters. This paper addresses this issue by providing a novel control method for audio effects. While a significant body of works focus on the use of semantic descriptors and visual interfaces, little attention has been given to an important modality, the use of sound examples to control effects. We use a set of acoustic features to capture important characteristics of sound examples and evaluate different regression models that map these features to effect control parameters. Focusing on dynamic range compression, results show that our approach provides a promising first step in this direction.