Chebyshev Model and Synchronized Swept Sine Method in Nonlinear Audio Effect Modeling

Antonin Novak; Laurent Simon; Pierrick Lotton; Joel Gilbert
DAFx-2010 - Graz
A new method for the identification of nonlinear systems, based on an input exponential swept sine signal has been proposed by Farina ten years ago. This method has been recently modified in purpose of nonlinear model estimation using a synchronized swept sine signal. It allows a robust and fast one-path analysis and identification of the unknown nonlinear system under test. In this paper this modified method is applied with Chebyshev polynomial decomposition. The combination of the Synchronized Swept Sine Method and Chebyshev polynomials leads to a nonlinear model consisting of several parallel branches, each branch containing a nonlinear Chebyshev polynomial following by a linear filter. The method is tested on an overdrive effect pedal to simulate an analog nonlinear effect in digital domain.