On the Estimation of Sinusoidal Parameters via Parabolic Interpolation of Scaled Magnitude Spectra

Marcelo Caetano; Philippe Depalle
DAFx-2021 - Vienna (virtual)
Sinusoids are widely used to represent the oscillatory modes of music and speech. The estimation of the sinusoidal parameters directly affects the quality of the representation. A parabolic interpolation of the peaks of the log-magnitude spectrum is commonly used to get a more accurate estimation of the frequencies and the amplitudes of the sinusoids at a relatively low computational cost. Recently, Werner and Germain proposed an improved sinusoidal estimator that performs parabolic interpolation of the peaks of a power-scaled magnitude spectrum. For each analysis window type and size, a power-scaling factor p is pre-calculated via a computationally demanding heuristic. Consequently, the powerscaling estimation method is currently constrained to a few tabulated power-scaling factors for pre-selected window sizes, limiting its practical applications. In this article, we propose a method to obtain the power-scaling factor p for any window size from the tabulated values. Additionally, we investigate the impact of zeropadding on the estimation accuracy of the power-scaled sinusoidal parameter estimator.