Two Datasets of Room Impulse Responses for Navigation in Six Degrees-of-Freedom:a Symphonic Concert Hall and a Former Planetarium

Thomas Piquet; Émile Ouellet-Delorme; Hector Teyssier; Raphaël Duée; Nicolas Bouillot
DAFx-2022 - Vienna
This paper presents two datasets of room impulse responses (RIRs) for navigable virtual acoustics. The first is a set of 240 mono and Ambisonic RIRs recorded at the Maison Symphonique, a symphonic concert hall in Montreal renowned for its great acoustic characteristics. The second is a set of 67 third-order Ambisonic RIRs which was recorded in the former planetarium of Montreal (currently known as the Centech), a space where the room acoustic includes an acoustic focal point where extreme reverberation times occur. The article first describes the two datasets and the methods that were used to capture them. A use case for these RIRs is then presented: an audio rendering of scene navigation using interpolation among RIRs.