Arbitrary-Order IIR Antiderivative Antialiasing

Pier Paolo La Pastina; Stefano D'Angelo; Leonardo Gabrielli
DAFx-2021 - Vienna (virtual)
Nonlinear digital circuits and waveshaping are active areas of study, specifically for what concerns numerical and aliasing issues. In the past, an effective method was proposed to discretize nonlinear static functions with reduced aliasing based on the antiderivative of the nonlinear function. Such a method is based on the continuoustime convolution with an FIR antialiasing filter kernel, such as a rectangular kernel. These kernels, however, are far from optimal for the reduction of aliasing. In this paper we introduce the use of arbitrary IIR rational transfer functions that allow a closer approximation of the ideal antialiasing filter, required in the fictitious continuous-time domain before sampling the nonlinear function output. These allow a higher degree of aliasing reduction and can be flexibly adjusted to balance performance and computational cost.