Parametric Synthesis of Glissando Note Transitions - A user Study in a Real-Time Application

Henrik von Coler; Moritz Götz; Steffen Lepa
DAFx-2018 - Aveiro
This paper investigates the applicability of different mathematical models for the parametric synthesis of fundamental frequency trajectories in glissando note transitions. Hyperbolic tangent, cubic splines and Bézier curves were implemented in a realtime synthesis system. Within a user study, test subjects were presented two-note sequences with glissando transitions, which had to be re-synthesized using the three different trajectory models, employing a pure sine wave synthesizer. Resulting modeling errors and user feedback on the models were evaluated, indicating a significant disadvantage of the hyperbolic tangent in the modeling accuracy. Its reduced complexity and low number of parameters were however not rated to increase the usability.