On Stretching Gaussian Noises with the Phase Vocoder

Wei-Hsiang Liao; Axel Roebel; Alvin W. Y. Su
DAFx-2012 - York
Recently, the processing of non-sinusoidal signals, or sound textures, has become an important topic in various areas. In general, the transformation is done by the phase vocoder techniques. Since the phase vocoder technique is based on a sinusoidal model, it’s performance is not satisfying when applied to transform sound textures. The following article investigates into the problem using as example the most basic non-sinusoidal sounds, that are noise signals. We demonstrate the problems that arise when time stretching noise with the phase vocoder, provide a description of some relevant statistical properties of the time frequency representation of noise and introduce an algorithm that allows to preserve these statistical properties when time stretching noise with the phase vocoder. The resulting algorithm significantly improves the perceptual quality of the time stretched noise signals and therefore it is seen as a promising first step towards an algorithm for transformation of sound textures.