Shifted NMF with Group Sparsity for Clustering NMF Basis Functions

Rajesh Jaiswal; Derry Fitzgerald; Eugene Coyle; Scott Rickard
DAFx-2012 - York
Recently, Non-negative Matrix Factorisation (NMF) has found application in separation of individual sound sources. NMF decomposes the spectrogram of an audio mixture into an additive parts based representation where the parts typically correspond to individual notes or chords. However, there is a need to cluster the NMF basis functions to their sources. Although, many attempts have been made to improve the clustering of the basis functions to sources, much research is still required in this area. Recently, Shifted Non-negative Matrix Factorisation (SNMF) was used to cluster these basis functions. To this end, we propose that the incorporation of group sparsity to the Shifted NMF based methods may benefit the clustering algorithms. We have tested this on SNMF algorithms with improved separation quality. Results show that this gives improved clustering of pitched basis functions over previous methods.