Real-Time Implementation of the Dynamic Stiff String Using Finite-Difference Time-Domain Methods and the Dynamic Grid

Silvin Willemsen; Stefania Serafin
DAFx-2022 - Vienna
Digital musical instruments based on physical modelling have gained increased popularity over the past years. This is partly due to recent advances in computational power, which allow for their real-time implementation. One of the great potentials for digital musical instruments based on physical models, is that one can go beyond what is physically possible and change properties of the instruments which are static in real life. This paper presents a real-time implementation of the dynamic stiff string using finitedifference time-domain (FDTD) methods. The defining parameters of the string can be varied in real time and change the underlying grid that these methods rely on based on the recently developed dynamic grid method. For most settings, parameter changes are nearly instantaneous and do not cause noticeable artefacts due to changes in the grid. A reliable way to prevent artefacts for all settings is under development.