Amp-Space: A Large-Scale Dataset for Fine-Grained Timbre Transformation

Jason Naradowsky
DAFx-2021 - Vienna (virtual)
We release Amp-Space, a large-scale dataset of paired audio samples: a source audio signal, and an output signal, the result of a timbre transformation. The types of transformations we study are from blackbox musical tools (amplifiers, stompboxes, studio effects) traditionally used to shape the sound of guitar, bass, or synthesizer sounds. For each sample of transformed audio, the set of parameters used to create it are given. Samples are from both real and simulated devices, the latter allowing for orders of magnitude greater data than found in comparable datasets. We demonstrate potential use cases of this data by (a) pre-training a conditional WaveNet model on synthetic data and show that it reduces the number of samples necessary to digitally reproduce a real musical device, and (b) training a variational autoencoder to shape a continuous space of timbre transformations for creating new sounds through interpolation.