A Coupled Resonant Filter Bank for the Sound Synthesis of Nonlinear Sources

Samuel Poirot; Stefan Bilbao; Richard Kronland-Martinet
DAFx-2023 - Copenhagen
This paper is concerned with the design of efficient and controllable filters for sound synthesis purposes, in the context of the generation of sounds radiated by nonlinear sources. These filters are coupled and generate tonal components in an interdependent way, and are intended to emulate realistic perceptually salient effects in musical instruments in an efficient manner. Control of energy transfer between the filters is realized by defining a matrix containing the coupling terms. The generation of prototypical sounds corresponding to nonlinear sources with the filter bank is presented. In particular, examples are proposed to generate sounds corresponding to impacts on thin structures and to the perturbation of the vibration of objects when it collides with an other object. The different sound examples presented in the paper and available for listening on the accompanying site tend to show that a simple control of the input parameters allows to generate sounds whose evocation is coherent, and that the addition of random processes allows to significantly improve the realism of the generated sounds.