Network Variable Preserving Step-size Control in Wave Digital Filters

Michael J. Olsen; Kurt J. Werner; François G. Germain
DAFx-2017 - Edinburgh
In this paper a new technique is introduced that allows for the variable step-size simulation of wave digital filters. The technique is based on the preservation of the underlying network variables which prevents fluctuation in the stored energy in reactive network elements when the step-size is changed. This method allows for the step-size variation of wave digital filters discretized with any passive discretization technique and works with both linear and nonlinear reference circuits. The usefulness of the technique with regards to audio circuit simulation is demonstrated via the case study of a relaxation oscillator where it is shown how the variable step-size technique can be used to mitigate frequency error that would otherwise occur with a fixed step-size simulation. Additionally, an example of how aliasing suppression techniques can be combined with physical modeling is given with an example of the polyBLEP antialiasing technique being applied to the output voltage signal of the relaxation oscillator.