Iterative Method for Harmonic and Exponentially Damped Sinusoidal Models

Rémy Boyer; Julie Rosier
DAFx-2002 - Hamburg
We present two evolutions of the well known Exponentially Damped Sinusoidal model, named HDS (Harmonic Exponentially Damped Sinusoidal) model for single pitch signals and HDSM for multi-pitch signals modeling. Additionally, we propose to use an iterative high-accuracy algorithm to estimate the model parameters. Compared with full or fast implementations of highresolution methods (Matrix Pencil, ESPRIT, Kung’s algorithm, ...), this approach has a lower computational complexity and is well adapted to the Harmonic Damped Sinusoidal models since it takes into account the harmonic relations between the angularfrequencies. In the context of low bit-rate audio coding, we show the validity of this approach on several audio signals.