The Sounding Gesture: An Overview

Amalia de Götzen
DAFx-2004 - Naples
Sound control by gesture is a peculiar topic in Human-Computer Interaction: many different approaches to it are available, focusing each time on diversified perspectives. Our point of view is an interdisciplinary one: taking into account technical considerations about control theory and sound processing, we try to explore the expressiveness world which is closer to psychology theories. Starting from a state of the art which outlines two main approaches to the problem of ”making sound with gestures”, we will delve into psychological theories about expressiveness, describing in particular possible applications dealing with intermodality and mixed reality environments related to the Gestalt Theory. HCI design can indeed benefit from this kind of approach because of the quantitative methods that can be applied to measure expressiveness. Interfaces can be used in order to convey expressiveness, which is a plus of information that can help interacting with the machine; this kind of information can be coded as spatio-temporal schemes, as it is stated in Gestalt theory.