A Java framework for FX development

Fernández-Cid P.; Casajús J.; García L.
DAFx-2000 - Verona
This paper describes the first version of a Java archive (a term basically equivalent to ‘library’ in other programming languages) that has been developed and made available as public domain software for the benefit of the DAFX community, and the COSTG6 web pages in particular. The library is available both as source code and ready to run bytecodes. The archive defines an easy to use set of classes that are modelled after an effects processor. Ready made classes like ‘Effect’, ‘Page of Parameters’, ‘Integer Range Parameter’, ‘Real Range Parameter’, etc. serve as a basis to implement effects and share them. Effects can run from web pages or as stand alone applications, sharing unified look and feel in a platform independent graphical user interface. The programmer only needs to specify the parameters the effect will use, and the method (function) that will apply the effect to each new sample. An automatic GUI interface is created, that enables the adjustment of parameters as well as the specification of input and output files to be used during processing. Developing Java audio effects according to the proposed scheme will allow transparent integration into more complex multiband and multieffect architectures that will be added on a second version of the archive.