A Stable Acoustic Impedance Model of the Clarinet using Digital Waveguides

Gary Scavone; Julius O. Smith
DAFx-2006 - Montreal
Digital waveguide (DW) modeling techniques are typically associated with a traveling-wave decomposition of wave variables and a “reflection function” approach to simulating acoustic systems. As well, it is often assumed that inputs and outputs to/from these systems must be formulated in terms of traveling-wave variables. In this paper, we provide a tutorial review of DW modeling of acoustic structures to show that they can easily accommodate physical input and output variables. Under certain constraints, these formulations reduce to simple “Schroeder reverb-like” computational structures. We also present a stable single-reed filter model that allows an explicit solution at the reed / air column junction. A clarinet-like system is created by combining the reed filter with a DW impedance model of a cylindrical air column.