Adaptive Pitch-Shifting With Applications to Intonation Adjustment in a Cappella Recordings

Sebastian Rosenzweig; Simon Schwär; Jonathan Driedger; Meinard Müller
DAFx-2021 - Vienna (virtual)
A central challenge for a cappella singers is to adjust their intonation and to stay in tune relative to their fellow singers. During editing of a cappella recordings, one may want to adjust local intonation of individual singers or account for global intonation drifts over time. This requires applying a time-varying pitch-shift to the audio recording, which we refer to as adaptive pitch-shifting. In this context, existing (semi-)automatic approaches are either laborintensive or face technical and musical limitations. In this work, we present automatic methods and tools for adaptive pitch-shifting with applications to intonation adjustment in a cappella recordings. To this end, we show how to incorporate time-varying information into existing pitch-shifting algorithms that are based on resampling and time-scale modification (TSM). Furthermore, we release an open-source Python toolbox, which includes a variety of TSM algorithms and an implementation of our method. Finally, we show the potential of our tools by two case studies on global and local intonation adjustment in a cappella recordings using a publicly available multitrack dataset of amateur choral singing.