A String in a Room: Mixed-Dimensional Transfer Function Models for Sound Synthesis

Maximilian Schäfer; Rudolf Rabenstein; Sebastian J. Schlecht
DAFx-2020 - Vienna (virtual)
Physical accuracy of virtual acoustics receives increasing attention due to renewed interest in virtual and augmented reality applications. So far, the modeling of vibrating objects as point sources is a common simplification which neglects effects caused by their spatial extent. In this contribution, we propose a technique for the interconnection of a distributed source to a room model, based on a modal representation of source and room. In particular, we derive a connection matrix that describes the coupling between the modes of the source and the room modes in an analytical form. Therefore, we consider the example of a string that is oscillating in a room. Both, room and string rely on well established physical descriptions that are modeled in terms of transfer functions. The derived connection of string and room defines the coupling between the characteristic string and room modes. The proposed structure is analyzed by numerical evaluations and sound examples on the supplementary website.