Digital Synthesis Models of Clarinet-Like Instruments Including Nonlinear Losses in the Resonator

Philippe Guillemain; Jonathan Terroir
DAFx-2006 - Montreal
This paper presents a real-time algorithm for the synthesis of reed instruments, taking into account nonlinear losses at the first open tonehole. The physical model on which the synthesis model relies on is based on the experimental works of Dalmont et al. who have shown that for high pressure levels within the bore, an air jet obeying the Bernoulli flow model, hence acting as a nonlinear resistance, is created at the open end of the bore. We study the effect of these additional losses on the response of the bore to an acoustic flow impulse at different levels and on the self oscillations. We show that at low frequencies, these nonlinear losses are of the same order of magnitude than the viscothermal linear losses and modifie the functioning of the whole instrument. For real-time synthesis purposes, a simplified algorithm is proposed and compared to the more accurate model.