Inharmonic Sound Spectral Modeling by Means of Fractal Additive Synthesis

Pietro Polotti; Fritz Menzer; Gianpaolo Evangelista
DAFx-2002 - Hamburg
In previous editions of the DAFX [1, 2] we presented a method for the analysis and the resynthesis of voiced sounds, i.e., of sounds with well defined pitch and harmonic-peak spectra. In a following paper [3] we called the method Fractal Additive Synthesis (FAS). The main point of the FAS is to provide two different models for representing the deterministic and the stochastic components of voiced-sounds, respectively. This allows one to represent and reproduce voiced-sounds without loosing the noisy components and stochastic elements present in real-life sounds. These components are important in order to perceive a synthetic sound as a natural one. The topic of this paper is the extension of the technique to inharmonic sounds. We can apply the method to sounds produced by percussion instruments as gongs, tympani or tubular bells, as well as to sounds with expanded quasi-harmonic spectrum as piano sounds.