The Mix Evaluation Dataset

Brecht De Man; Joshua D. Reiss
DAFx-2017 - Edinburgh
Research on perception of music production practices is mainly concerned with the emulation of sound engineering tasks through lab-based experiments and custom software, sometimes with unskilled subjects. This can improve the level of control, but the validity, transferability, and relevance of the results may suffer from this artificial context. This paper presents a dataset consisting of mixes gathered in a real-life, ecologically valid setting, and perceptual evaluation thereof, which can be used to expand knowledge on the mixing process. With 180 mixes including parameter settings, close to 5000 preference ratings and free-form descriptions, and a diverse range of contributors from five different countries, the data offers many opportunities for music production analysis, some of which are explored here. In particular, more experienced subjects were found to be more negative and more specific in their assessments of mixes, and to increasingly agree with each other.