AudioBIFS: The MPEG-4 Standard for Effects Processing

Eric D. Scheirer; Riitta Väänänen; Jyri Huopaniemi
DAFx-1998 - Barcelona
We present a tutorial overview of the AudioBIFS system, part of the Binary Format for Scene Description in the MPEG-4 International Standard. AudioBIFS allows the flexible construction of sound scenes using streaming audio, interactive presentation, 3-D spatialization and environmental auralization, and dynamic download of custom signal-processing routines. MPEG-4 sound scenes are based on a model that is a superset of the model in VRML 2.0, and a comparison between the two models is presented. We discuss the use of SAOL, the MPEG-4 Structured Audio Orchestra Language, for writing downloadable effects. The current status of the standard is described.