Real-Time Force-Based Sound Synthesis Using GPU Parallel Computing

Ryoho Kobayashi
DAFx-2016 - Brno
In this paper we propose a real-time sound synthesis method using a force-based algorithm to control sinusoidal partials. This synthesis method can generate various sounds from musical tones and noises with three kinds of intuitive parameters, which are attractive force, repulsive force and resistance. However, the implementation of this method in real-time has difficulties due to a large volume of calculations for manipulating thousands or more partials. In order to resolve these difficulties, we utilize a GPU-based parallel computing technology and precalculations. Since GPUs allowed us to implement powerful simultaneous parallel processing, this synthesis method is made more efficient by using GPUs. Furthermore, by using familiar musical features, which include MIDI input for playing the synthesizer and ADSR envelope generators for time-varying parameters, an intuitive controller for this synthesis method is accomplished.