A Complex Wavelet Based Fundamental Frequency Estimator in Single-Channel Polyphonic Signals

Jesús Ponce de León; Fernando Beltrán; José R. Beltrán
DAFx-2013 - Maynooth
In this work, a new estimator of the fundamental frequencies (F0 ) present in a polyphonic single-channel signal is developed. The signal is modeled in terms of a set of discrete partials obtained by the Complex Continuous Wavelet Transform (CCWT). The fundamental frequency estimation is based on the energy distribution of the detected partials of the input signal followed by an spectral smoothness technique. The proposed algorithm is designed to work with suppressed fundamentals, inharmonic partials and harmonic related sounds. The detailed technique has been tested over a set of input signals including polyphony 2 to 6, with high precision results that show the strength of the algorithm. The obtained results are very promising in order to include the developed algorithm as the basis of Blind Sound Source Separation or automatic score transcription techniques.