Pywdf: An Open Source Library for Prototyping and Simulating Wave Digital Filter Circuits in Python

Gustav Anthon; Xavier Lizarraga
DAFx-2023 - Copenhagen
This paper introduces a new open-source Python library for the modeling and simulation of wave digital filter (WDF) circuits. The library, called pwydf, allows users to easily create and analyze WDF circuit models in a high-level, object-oriented manner. The library includes a variety of built-in components, such as voltage sources, capacitors, diodes etc., as well as the ability to create custom components and circuits. Additionally, pywdf includes a variety of analysis tools, such as frequency response and transient analysis, to aid in the design and optimization of WDF circuits. We demonstrate the library’s efficacy in replicating the nonlinear behavior of an analog diode clipper circuit, and in creating an allpass filter that cannot be realized in the analog world. The library is well-documented and includes several examples to help users get started. Overall, pywdf is a powerful tool for anyone working with WDF circuits, and we hope it can be of great use to researchers and engineers in the field.