BIVIB: A Multimodal Piano Sample Library Of Binaural Sounds And Keyboard Vibrations

Stefano Papetti; Federico Avanzini; Federico Fontana
DAFx-2018 - Aveiro
An extensive piano sample library consisting of binaural sounds and keyboard vibration signals is made available through an openaccess data repository. Samples were acquired with high-quality audio and vibration measurement equipment on two Yamaha Disklavier pianos (one grand and one upright model) by means of computer-controlled playback of each key at ten different MIDI velocity values. The nominal specifications of the equipment used in the acquisition chain are reported in a companion document, allowing researchers to calculate physical quantities (e.g., acoustic pressure, vibration acceleration) from the recordings. Also, project files are provided for straightforward playback in a free software sampler available for Windows and Mac OS systems. The library is especially suited for acoustic and vibration research on the piano, as well as for research on multimodal interaction with musical instruments.