Score based real-time performance with a virtual violin

Matthias Democuron; Nicolas Rasamimanana
DAFx-2009 - Como
This paper describes the implementation of a violin physical model tied with the control of music scores to enable the real-time performance of music pieces. The violin model is made of four strings, which allows the performance of double stops, chords and specific resonant effects that can be encountered in violin playing. A graphic tablet is used to control the bowing parameters and to trigger automatically note events contained in a specifically formatted MIDI file. The automatic pitch change helps reducing the violin playing complexity and enables the user to focus on sound shaping and phrasing. The device can be used for pure sound synthesis purposes as well as for experiments related to violinists’ sound control. However, the simplified interface for sound and score events is particularly suitable for non violinists wishing to explore expressive capabilities of the instrument and to experience specific features of violin playing.