Block-oriented modeling of distortion audio effects using iterative minimization

Felix Eichas; Stephan Möller; Udo Zoelzer
DAFx-2015 - Trondheim
Virtual analog modeling is the process of digitally recreating an analog device. This study focuses on analog distortion pedals for guitarists, which are categorized as stompboxes, because the musician turns them on and off by stepping on the switch. While some of the current digital models of distortion effects are circuit-based, this study uses a signal-based approach to identify the device under test (DUT). An algorithm to identify any distortion effect pedal in any given setting by input-output (I/O) measurements is proposed. A parametric block-oriented Wiener-Hammerstein model for distortion effects and the corresponding iterative error minimization procedure are introduced. The algorithm is implemented in Matlab and uses the Levenberg-Marquardt minimization procedure with boundaries for the parameters.