A Virtual Tube Delay Effect

Riccardo Simionato; Juho Liski; Vesa Välimäki; Federico Avanzini
DAFx-2018 - Aveiro
A virtual tube delay effect based on the real-time simulation of acoustic wave propagation in a garden hose is presented. The paper describes the acoustic measurements conducted and the analysis of the sound propagation in long narrow tubes. The obtained impulse responses are used to design delay lines and digital filters, which simulate the propagation delay, losses, and reflections from the end of the tube which may be open, closed, or acoustically attenuated. A study on the reflection caused by a finite-length tube is described. The resulting system consists of a digital waveguide model and produces delay effects having a realistic low-pass filtering. A stereo delay effect plugin in P URE DATA1 has been implemented and it is described here.