Articulatory vocal tract synthesis in Supercollider

Damian Murphy; Mátyás Jani; Sten Ternström
DAFx-2015 - Trondheim
The APEX system [1] enables vocal tract articulation using a reduced set of user controllable parameters by means of Principal Component Analysis of X-ray tract data. From these articulatory profiles it is then possible to calculate cross-sectional area function data that can be used as input to a number of articulatory based speech synthesis algorithms. In this paper the Kelly-Lochbaum 1-D digital waveguide vocal tract is used, and both APEX control and synthesis engine have been implemented and tested in SuperCollider. Accurate formant synthesis and real-time control are demonstrated, although for multi-parameter speech-like articulation a more direct mapping from tract-to-synthesizer tube sections is needed. SuperCollider provides an excellent framework for the further exploration of this work.