Efficient Modeling and Synthesis of Bell-like Sounds

Matti Karjalainen; Vesa Välimäki; Paulo A. A. Esquef
DAFx-2002 - Hamburg
This paper describes two different techniques that can be used to model and synthesize bell-like sounds. The first one is a sourcefilter model based on frequency-zooming ARMA (pole-zero) modeling techniques. The frequency-zooming approach is powerful also in modal analysis of bell sound behavior. The second technique is based on a digital waveguide with a single loop filter that is designed to generate inharmonic partials by including one or more second-order allpass sections in the loop filter, possibly augmented with one or a few parallel resonators. A small handbell with inharmonic partials was recorded and used as a target of modeling and synthesis. Sound examples are found in http://www.acoustics.hut.fi/demos/dafx02/.