Towards Multi-Instrument Drum Transcription

Richard Vogl; Gerhard Widmer; Peter Knees
DAFx-2018 - Aveiro
Automatic drum transcription, a subtask of the more general automatic music transcription, deals with extracting drum instrument note onsets from an audio source. Recently, progress in transcription performance has been made using non-negative matrix factorization as well as deep learning methods. However, these works primarily focus on transcribing three drum instruments only: snare drum, bass drum, and hi-hat. Yet, for many applications, the ability to transcribe more drum instruments which make up standard drum kits used in western popular music would be desirable. In this work, convolutional and convolutional recurrent neural networks are trained to transcribe a wider range of drum instruments. First, the shortcomings of publicly available datasets in this context are discussed. To overcome these limitations, a larger synthetic dataset is introduced. Then, methods to train models using the new dataset focusing on generalization to real world data are investigated. Finally, the trained models are evaluated on publicly available datasets and results are discussed. The contributions of this work comprise: (i.) a large-scale synthetic dataset for drum transcription, (ii.) first steps towards an automatic drum transcription system that supports a larger range of instruments by evaluating and discussing training setups and the impact of datasets in this context, and (iii.) a publicly available set of trained models for drum transcription. Additional materials are available at