RT-WDF — A Modular Wave Digital Filter Library with Support for Arbitrary Topologies and Multiple Nonlinearities

Maximilian Rest; W. Ross Dunkel; Kurt James Werner; Julius O. Smith
DAFx-2016 - Brno
Wave Digital Filters (WDF) [1] are a popular approach for virtual analog modeling [2]. They provide a computationally efficient way to simulate lumped physical systems with well-studied numerical properties. Recent work by Werner et al. [3, 4] enables the use of WDFs to model systems with complicated topologies and multiple/multiport nonlinearities, to a degree not previously known. We present an efficient, portable, modular, and open-source C++ library for real time Wave Digital Filter modeling: RT-WDF [5]. The library allows a WDF to be specified in an object-oriented tree with the same structure as a WDF tree and implements the most recent advances in the field. We give an architectural overview and introduce the main concepts of operation on three separate case studies: a switchable attenuator, the Bassman tone stack, and a common-cathode triode amplifier. It is further shown how to expand the existent set of non-linear models to encourage custom extensions. Index Terms— wave digital filter, software, real time, virtual analog modeling, multiple nonlinearities