Sound morphologies due to non-linear interactions : towards a perceptive control of environmental sound-synthesis processes

Samuel Poirot; Stefan Bilbao; Mitsuko Aramaki; Richard Kronland-Martinet
DAFx-2018 - Aveiro
This paper is concerned with perceptual control strategies for physical modeling synthesis of vibrating resonant objects colliding nonlinearly with rigid obstacles. For this purpose, we investigate sound morphologies from samples synthesized using physical modeling for non-linear interactions. As a starting point, we study the effect of linear and non-linear springs and collisions on a single-degreeof-freedom system and on a stiff strings. We then synthesize realistic sounds of a stiff string colliding with a rigid obstacle. Numerical simulations allowed the definition of specific signal patterns characterizing the non linear behavior of the interaction according to the attributes of the obstacle. Finally, a global description of the sound morphology associated with this type of interaction is proposed. This study constitutes a first step towards further perceptual investigations geared towards the development of intuitive synthesis controls.