Exploring Phase Information in Sound Source Separation Applications

Estefania Cano; Gerald Schuller; Christian Dittmar
DAFx-2010 - Graz
Separation of instrument sounds from polyphonic music recordings is a desirable signal processing function with a wide variety of applications in music production, video games and information retrieval. In general, sound source separation algorithms attempt to exploit those characteristics of audio signals that differentiate one from the other. Many algorithms have studied spectral magnitude as a means for separation tasks. Here we propose the exploration of phase information of musical instrument signals as an alternative dimension in discriminating sound signals originating from different sources. Three cases are presented: (1) Phase contours of musical instruments notes as potential separation features. (2) Resolving overlapping harmonics using phase coupling properties of musical instruments. (3) Harmonic percussive decomposition using calculated radian ranges for each frequency bin.