FMOL: a graphical and net oriented approach to interactive sonic composition and real-time synthesis for low cost computer systems

Sergi Jordà; Toni Aguilar
DAFx-1998 - Barcelona
Faust Music On Line (FMOL), is a software project for real-time synthesis and interactive and collective music composition through the net, conceived by Sergi Jordà and developed by the former and Toni Aguilar, after a proposal by the Catalan theatre and performance group, La Fura dels Baus. This work has been sponsored by the S.G.A.E., the Spanish authors' association, and has received the first price in at the 3rd international software competition of the Institut international de Musique Electroacoustique of Bourges. Although the nature of the project deals with many different topics as can be a collective and net-oriented approach to composition, this paper will concentrate on the two aspects more related with this conference: the implementation of a complete real-time synthesis software on low cost computer systems, and the design of an intuitive graphical interface for interactive sonic composition.