A Virtual Instrument for Ifft-Based Additive Synthesis in the Ambisonics Domain

Hilko Tondock; Henrik von Coler
DAFx-2023 - Copenhagen
Spatial additive synthesis can be efficiently implemented by applying the inverse Fourier transform to create the individual channels of Ambisonics signals. In the presented work, this approach has been implemented as an audio plugin, allowing the generation and control of basic waveforms and their spatial attributes in a typical DAW-based music production context. Triggered envelopes and low frequency oscillators can be mapped to the spectral shape, source position and source width of the resulting sounds. A technical evaluation shows the computational advantages of the proposed method for additive sounds with high numbers of partials and different Ambisonics orders. The results of a user study indicate the potential of the developed plugin for manipulating the perceived position, source width and timbre coloration.