End-to-end equalization with convolutional neural networks

Marco A. Martínez Ramírez; Joshua D. Reiss
DAFx-2018 - Aveiro
This work aims to implement a novel deep learning architecture to perform audio processing in the context of matched equalization. Most existing methods for automatic and matched equalization show effective performance and their goal is to find a respective transfer function given a frequency response. Nevertheless, these procedures require a prior knowledge of the type of filters to be modeled. In addition, fixed filter bank architectures are required in automatic mixing contexts. Based on end-to-end convolutional neural networks, we introduce a general purpose architecture for equalization matching. Thus, by using an end-toend learning approach, the model approximates the equalization target as a content-based transformation without directly finding the transfer function. The network learns how to process the audio directly in order to match the equalized target audio. We train the network through unsupervised and supervised learning procedures. We analyze what the model is actually learning and how the given task is accomplished. We show the model performing matched equalization for shelving, peaking, lowpass and highpass IIR and FIR equalizers.