Finding intensities and temporal characteristics in piano music

Wai Man Szeto; Kin Hong Wong; Chi Hang Wong
DAFx-2005 - Madrid
Timing and dynamics are two important factors in music performance. Research on dynamics-related issues is comparatively rare because data on dynamics is difficult to obtain from music performance. Nevertheless, research of this kind is vital to the understanding of music performance and here we are investigating ways to identify the intensities of individual notes in a mixture of simultaneous notes. The approach to this problem is divided into two stages. The first stage consists of obtaining the magnitude of the fundamental frequency of an individual note to determine its intensity out of a mixture of simultaneous notes, on condition that the corresponding pitches of which are given. Two simultaneous notes one or two octaves apart are also included in this study. The second stage consists of generating, artificially, a mixture of notes from a recorded single-note database, subsequently referred to as “estimated mixture”. The time lag between individual notes in the estimated mixture is adjusted, so that the residual between which and the input comes to a minimum. The proposed method is verified with real data and the result is satisfactory.