A Computational Model of the Hammond Organ Vibrato/Chorus using Wave Digital Filters

Kurt James Werner; W. Ross Dunkel; François Germain
DAFx-2016 - Brno
We present a computational model of the Hammond tonewheel organ vibrato/chorus, a musical audio effect comprising an LC ladder circuit and an electromechanical scanner. We model the LC ladder using the Wave Digital Filter (WDF) formalism, and introduce a new approach to resolving multiple nonadaptable linear elements at the root of a WDF tree. Additionally we formalize how to apply the well-known warped Bilinear Transform to WDF discretization of capacitors and inductors and review WDF polarity inverters. To model the scanner we propose a simplified and physically-informed approach. We discuss the time- and frequency-domain behavior of the model, emphasizing the spectral properties of interpolation between the taps of the LC ladder.