Improving Elevation Perception with a Tool for Image-guided Head-related Transfer Function Selection

Michele Geronazzo; Enrico Peruch; Fabio Prandoni; Federico Avanzini
DAFx-2017 - Edinburgh
This paper proposes an image-guided HRTF selection procedure that exploits the relation between features of the pinna shape and HRTF notches. Using a 2D image of a subject’s pinna, the procedure selects from a database the HRTF set that best fits the anthropometry of that subject. The proposed procedure is designed to be quickly applied and easy to use for a user without previous knowledge on binaural audio technologies. The entire process is evaluated by means of an auditory model for sound localization in the mid-sagittal plane available from previous literature. Using virtual subjects from a HRTF database, a virtual experiment is implemented to assess the vertical localization performance of the database subjects when they are provided with HRTF sets selected by the proposed procedure. Results report a statistically significant improvement in predictions of localization performance for selected HRTFs compared to KEMAR HRTF which is a commercial standard in many binaural audio solutions; moreover, the proposed analysis provides useful indications to refine the perceptually-motivated metrics that guides the selection.