Scalable Spectral Reflections In Conic Sections

Murphy D.; Marentakis G.; Andersen T. H.; Jensen K.
DAFx-2001 - Limerick
The object of this project is to present a novel digital audio effect based on a real-time, windowed block-based FFT and inverse FFT. The effect is achieved by mirroring the spectrum, producing a sound effect ranging from a purer rendition of the original, through a rougher one, to a sound unrecognisable from the original. A mirror taking the shape of a conic section is constructed between certain partials, and the modified spectrum is created by reflecting the original spectrum in this mirror. The user can select the type and continuously vary the amount of curvature, typically ‘roughening’ the input sound quite gratifyingly. We demonstrate the system with live real-time audio via microphone.