Applications of Port Hamiltonian Methods to Non-Iterative Stable Simulations of the Korg35 and Moog 4-Pole Vcf

Mohammed Danish; Stefan Bilbao; Michele Ducceschi
DAFx-2021 - Vienna (virtual)
This paper presents an application of the port Hamiltonian formalism to the nonlinear simulation of the OTA-based Korg35 filter circuit and the Moog 4-pole ladder filter circuit. Lyapunov analysis is used with their state-space representations to guarantee zero-input stability over the range of parameters consistent with the actual circuits. A zero-input stable non-iterative discrete-time scheme based on a discrete gradient and a change of state variables is shown along with numerical simulations. Simulations show behavior consistent with the actual operation of the circuits, e.g., self-oscillation, and are found to be stable and have lower computational cost compared to iterative methods.