TSM Toolbox: MATLAB Implementations of Time-Scale Modification Algorithms

Jonathan Driedger; Meinard Müller
DAFx-2014 - Erlangen
Time-scale modification (TSM) algorithms have the purpose of stretching or compressing the time-scale of an input audio signal without altering its pitch. Such tools are frequently used in scenarios like music production or music remixing. There exists a large variety of different algorithmic approaches to TSM, all of them having their very own advantages and drawbacks. In this paper, we present the TSM toolbox, which contains MATLAB implementations of several conceptually different TSM algorithms. In particular, our toolbox provides the code for a recently proposed TSM approach, which integrates different classical TSM algorithms in combination with harmonic-percussive source separation (HPSS). Furthermore, our toolbox contains several demo applications and additional code examples. Providing MATLAB code on a well-documented website under a GNU-GPL license and including illustrative examples, our aim is to foster research and education in the field of audio processing.