Time-Varying Filter In Non-Uniform Block Convolution

Müller-Tomfelde C.
DAFx-2001 - Limerick
This paper will describe further research on a real-time convolution algorithm for long a FIR filter based on nonuniform bock partitioning. The static behaviour of the algorithm which solves the dilemma between the computational load and the latency of the processing operation is well examined in literature. New directions are investigated to exploit the inherent features of the algorithm and utilise them for audio applications. Especially a dynamic exchange of filter coefficients or subsets of them of a room impulse response is discussed and implemented. Unlike to traditional DSP solutions the prototype is realised in portable software objects and components that can be compiled on multi-propose processing units like off-the-shelf computers with standard audio facilities and different operating systems. Keywords : convolution, spatial sound processing, real-time, room acoustics, sonification