Filters, Delays, Modulations and Demodulations: A tutorial

Dutilleux, Pierre
DAFx-1998 - Barcelona
A set of basic signal processing building blocks is presented and the implementation issues, that are relevant to musical applications, are underlined. in this text a filter classification is first outlined then implementation schemes for analog and digital lowpass-filters, within the canonical and the state-variable structure, are given. As well as higher order filters according to the Butterworth design are suggested, delay-based effects such as comb-filter, resonator, flanger, chorus, slapback and echo are reviewed. Phasing is mentioned and normalization schemes for some filters are proposed. Modulators (ring, amplitude, single side band) as well as demodulators (AM-detector, amplitude follower with independent attack and release times, instantaneous envelope follower) are reviewed and their applications listed.