Discrete-time Models for Non-linear Audio Systems

Jörn Schattschneider; Udo Zölzer
DAFx-1999 - Trondheim
A variety of computational models have been proposed for digital simulation of nonlinear systems with memory [1, 2, 3, 4]. They are dealing with different aspects of the problem, like methods for identification, avoiding aliasing and fast convolution algorithms. In this paper we shortly sum up some of the common approaches and present a straightforward method for bandlimited discrete-time realization of analog nonlinear audio effects, like tube amps, exciters etc., using off-time digital cross correlation measurements. From these measurements we obtain a rather inefficient Wiener representation of the unknown nonlinearity. We then reduce the number of required coefficients significantly on the basis of multi-dimensional Laguerre transformation of the related Volterra kernels to allow real-time implementation on a digital signal processor [5].