Virtual rooms recreation for Wave Field Synthesis

José Escolano; Basilio Pueo; Sergio Bleda; José Javier López
DAFx-2005 - Madrid
Advanced multichannel sound systems such as Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) allow to recreate spatial wide sound scenes of sources. The recreation of the illusion of a 3D natural and realistic sound scene can be achieved by means of virtual rooms where the wave field is simulated. Such wave field is used as a source of information for the convolution of WFS sound sources with extrapolated impulsive responses in these virtual rooms. To obtain the needed plane waves for auralization, a complete description of the sound field is needed, including an accurate knowledge of the particle velocity. In this paper, virtual rooms are simulated by means of Finite-Differences Time Domain method. This method provides a complete solution of the sound field variables in a wide frequency band and can be used to produce both the impulsive responses of pressure and particle velocity for plane wave decomposition, prior to auralization. To illustrate its applicability, a set of rooms consisting of a typical auditorium room, a cinema and a perfect cube are shown and evaluated.